Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Top 10 Reason Why I Love Emily

Hello to you all, Suzy Lou here- the one Wooton introduced in the previous post. 
I'll be doing my first post on the rather largely debated character around Odyssey- Emily Jones. Either you love her or hate her. In my case, I am a big fan. I have enjoyed her character from the very beginning and find her very interesting, as well as quite amusing. I knocked heads together with a well known Odyssey fan you may all know from the Soda Shop message board- Pound Foolish, who also possesses the same admiration for Emily that I hold...and here is a collaboration of our top ten reason for why we love the character, Emily Jones::

1. Emily is bold and isn't afraid to stand for what she believes.

2. She posses a strong, fiery will.

3. She's caring and friendly to those around her, and as Pound Foolish said- "People accuse her of doing things for her own benefit, yet we never see her doing a deed that only she benefits from."

4. She possesses a unique amount of intelligence for a girl of her age and is very observant.
5. Her mysteries bring a fun new aspect to Adventures In Odyssey.

6. She strives to do better when it seems that she's failing, and doesn't give up easy.

7. She's funny.

8. She has a positive outlook on life.

9. She'd be good as a teacher of the sorts, what with her willingness of giving direction to those around her and all.

10. There is never a dull moment with her around.

And for an added touch, a drawing for my sidekick- Mr. Basset, who may find Emily a bit distasteful at times- but still holds a bit of a wonder for her as well...


  1. That is such a epic post! I totally agree with you. EMILY RULES!

    Did you draw that? Whoever did that is AMAZING!

  2. She'd be good as a TEACHER? I don't know about that one... She's impatient and she sometimes rubs the wrong way. Nice list though.