Monday, 30 July 2012

The conspiracy has ended.

"I have hovered over this board for ages waiting to make my move.  I finally found a way in.  The board needed improvement and I love power!" said Jason, the new runner of the Campbell County MB.  That's what he said, but it's not true.  It turns out that the whole thing was set up.  Jason taking over the message board was all planned out by Bren himself.  Here is what Bren had to say,

"One unique thing about this board are the story arcs that take place.  Things happen on the board such as Regis Blackaard  coming back, R.M. taking over the board, etc.  Usually the bad guys are up to no good, and the members of CC are supposed to jump in and help foil their plans.  Often there are clues and codes to be found, and everyone works together to figure out what to do."

So I congratulate you Bren for coming up with such an awesomely planned scheme.  I'm glad Jason didn't really take over the board.

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