Character Profiles

Here's the ultimate character profile page!


Name: Matthew Parker
Age: 10
Current Actor: Zach Callison

Matthew loves to tinker and solve mysteries with his friend Emily.  He also likes hanging around Whit's End.  He is the second youngest in the Parker family.

Name: Olivia Parker
Age: 13
Current Actor: Kelly Stables

Olivia is the oldest of the three Parker children.  She often loses her temper and can't stand being annoyed by Camilla.  She once dyed Camilla's hair purple and got into a banana fight.

Name: Camilla Parker
Age: 8
Current Actress: Sydney Shiotani

Camilla is the youngest of the Parker family and loves sports.  She sometimes annoys her siblings (a lot).

Name: Emily Jones
Age: Unknown
Current Actress: Christina Puccelli

Emily is an amateur detective who loves solving mysteries with her best friend Matthew.  She has a crush on Buck Oliver

Name: Barrett Jones
Age: Unknown
Current Actor: Andy Pessoa

Barrett is a talented musician who has a crush on Pricilla Peterson and enjoys playing Verminoids.  His sister is Emily.

Name: Jay Smouse
Age: Unknown
Current Actor: Whit Hertford

Although Jay isn't that much of a bully he sure does like to pick on people.  He has a friend named Vance and a cousin named Cindy.

Name: Vance King
Age: Unknown
Current Actor: Jason Marsden

Vance is the meanest bully on AIO.  He's also an A+ student which makes teachers suspect him less.

Name: Valerie Swanson
Age: Unknown
Current Actor: Paulie Rojas

Valerie is the probably the only girl bully that has ever been on Odyssey.  She plays mean practical jokes and brags about how "great" she is.

Name: Nelson Swanson
Age: Unknown
Current Actor: Georgina Cordova

Nelson is Valerie's brother.  He is often bullied by Valerie.  He loves science.

Name: Priscilla Peterson
Age: Unknown
Current Actor: Gatlin Green

Priscilla plays the flute.  She has a crush on Barrett and enjoys acting.

Name: Ryan Cummings
Age: Unknown
Current Actor: Adam Wiley

Ryan loves playing basketball and tinkering.  He is part of a secret club of tinkerers.  He is also the mayor of kidsboro and he enjoys history.

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    1. I'm glad you like it. I will be updating it with more kid profiles and adult profiles.

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