Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Creation of the Campbell County Message Boards

Here's a little chat with Bren about the creation of the Campbell County Message Boards:

"To start off, I've been doing admin work for 4 years.  It started beck in September, 2008.  I had just joined the Town of Odyssey and they were getting ready to have their elections.  I was really pumped to run, but I had no previous experience which is when I stumbled onto ForumMotion.  I talked to some friends I had on the ToO at the time and the Electric Palace was born.  Now, my rise to ToO power is a different story, but suffice it to say,  the TEP was a hit for about a year.  In that time we had our ups and downs of activity.  People joined, but it was either a small amount of people or they didn't post much.  That pattern has continued until now.  After a year to TEP, those of us who were active at that time moved to the Campbell County MB.  We have had several "relaunches" in attempt to get the board active again.  The pattern seems to be that I run out of ideas and people lose interest and stop posting and visiting which was the situation we were in when I took over the SS.  That's why I shut it down and opened it back up again"

That's all.  I encourage all of you who is reading this to join Bren's Message Boards.


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  1. Very nice, Wooton. I may be interested in joining Bren's message board sometime.=)