Jason and Mitch: Secret Agents

Alex Jefferson's "Adventures in Connelsville" page inspired me to do my own Odyssey fan fiction.  Mine is called "Jason and Mitch: Secret Agents" and you'll have to wait and see what it's about.  It will be split up into instalments just like "AIC"  It will be updated every 1-3 weeks.

Instalment 9 (The season finale) (written by Capeng)

Jason looked at Mitch and Jared. They looked dumbfounded. Jason turned to Monty. "Hey, can we just go over there and have a chat?" "Be my guest." Monty replied. "But make it fast." 
The three agents moved about three feet away, and hurriedly held a discussion. 
"Jason, you can't do this!" Mitch whispered. "He was pointing a gun at us! He can't be trusted!"
Jared also chimed in. "And don't try to excuse him, Jason! If he's so innocent, as I know you're about to suggest, then why did he shoot that man who was trying to save us?"
Jason sighed. "Look guys." he said. "Just trust me on this one. This is our chance to nab the Whisperer! I've GOT to do it!" 
Mitch started to cut in. "But Jason..."
Jason interrupted him. "No but's about it, Mitch! I'm doing it. But not without some insurance..."
* * * *
Jason lay in the trunk of a car...again. "Dejavu," he thought. "I'm getting too old for this stuff" he thought as he shifted to try to get more comfortable.
As the car rumbled on, Jason reached into his pocket, struggling against the ropes that bound his hands. His fingers closed around the tracking device hidden in the seams of his pocket. He withdrew it, then pushed a tiny button on his ring. The centerstone popped out, and Jason inserted the bug into the hollow underneath. That being done, he popped the stone back into the ring. 
And not a moment too soon. The car slowed to a halt, as gravel ground under the tires. Jason was led out of the trunk a moment later by Monty. He squinted against the sun, the breeze ruffling his hair, as he watched four men armed visibly with pistols come out of the building. "Is this the main one?" One of the men asked. Monty nodded and grunted in the affirmative. "Where are the other two?" another guard said. 
"They got away. I chased them, but the rats got away." Monty replied in a rough, angry voice.
"The boss ain't gonna be happy about that." The first guard said. "You better have a good story to feed him, or you're toast."
The guards came over and surrounded Monty and Jason. 
Jason snuck a look over at the copse of trees to his left. There was a scuffle of leaves and twigs, and a quick flash of red. Jason smiled in satisfaction.
The one who spoke first motioned forward. "The boss has been waiting."
Jason took a deep breath as the door swung open.
* * * * "Jason..." It was The Whisperer. "How good to see you again. Have a seat."
"I think I'll stand, thank you." replied Jason, as cold and smooth as glass.
"Sit!" One of the guards kicked the back of Jason's knees, and he buckled into a chair. "It wasn't a suggestion, funny boy!"
"Carman!" The Whisperer spoke sharply with a hint of menace in his voice. "Why don't you take the boys outside for a while, while Mr. Whitaker and I have a little conversation."
Jason's attacker nodded and motioned to Monty and the rest as he walked out. Monty didn't move as the rest of them filed out. He spoke to The Whisperer. 
"I have some news for you, boss." he said as he flipped out a pistol. "The gig is up!"
Jason pushed another button on the bottom of his ring, and from the main body of the ring slid a tiny double-edged knife. He twisted his hands inward and slit the ropes binding him.
"Oh. How amusing." The Whisperer cackled. "The great Dippy is going to save the world, is it?"
Monty gritted his teeth. "I told you not to call me that!" he fumed. "Now untie Jason! Now!"
Jason straightened his arms as he reached for his pepper spray hidden deep in his sleeve. "Not necessary, partner. I got it all covered."
Jason quickly covered The Whisperer with a cloud of pepper spray.
Monty and Jason turned as four figures cut dark silhouettes in the doorway. 
* * * *
Back outside, Jason and Monty talked to Mitch and Jared as they surrounded the four tied guards and waited for the police. "I assume everything went as planned?" Jason asked Mitch.
"Yep." Mitch replied. "After Monty took you, we just followed the bug and took out the guards." 
"And The Whisperer?" Jared asked.
"Oh, he'll be out for a while yet." Jason replied. "I made that pepper spray myself. It is doctored with chloroform. When he wakes up, he'll find himself in jail."
Jason took a deep breath of the fresh air as he heard the sweet sound of a siren coming down the road.

(The long awaited) Instalment 8!!

Jason was confused.  Was this mysterious man on their side?  He couldn't take risks right now.  The mysterious man was chasing them.  Jason quickly turned his head to see if the man was still behind him.  He wasn't, but Jason could hear his footsteps getting closer.  Mitch motioned Jason and Jared to duck into an alley.  They both hid in the shadows.  The footsteps got louder.  The mysterious man was getting closer.  He was running fast.  Quicker than lightning, Jason stuck his hand out of the alley, it hit the man in the face.  Jason dodged out of the alley and flipped the man to the ground.
"Who are you!?" Jason shouted.
The man responded, "You can't tell?"
"Monty? Is that you." Jason asked.
"Ding ding!  You guessed correct.  Now could you help me up?"
Mitch walked up to Monty, "So, you were working for the Whisperer undercover?  To infiltrate his evil plan?"
"Yup," Monty responded. "And I think I know how to catch the Whisperer."
"How?" Jared asked.
"By handing you in.......to the Whisperer.  But you have to act convincingly."

Instalment 7

The apartment was small, the lights were dim, and Jason was still tired after he, Jared, and Mitch got hit by a sleeping gas bomb.  He looked around the room.  Jared and Mitch were both tied to chairs, just like Jason.  He whispered over, "Jared.........Mitch, you guys awake?"  No response.  Jason heard muffled talking in the room next to him.  He only heard 2 people.  It must have been 2 of the men in the black vans.  He was going to whisper to Jared and Mitch again when the 2 men barged into the room.  They were in masks.
"Hello there, Jason.  Our boss, the whisperer wants you dead.  Did ya know that?"
"Yeah, I though he might." Jason replied.
"Well, we're going to help him out a bit." The 2 men both pulled guns out.  The first masked man chuckled.  Jared and Mitch were still knocked out.  Jason glanced over at them quickly.
"Oh, you're worried about your friends, how nice.  We'll kill them too." The 1st masked man said.  He cocked back the gun and pointed it at Jason's head.  But then, the second masked man quickly slapped the first man and pointed the gun at his head.   Then, he raced over to Jason, Mitch, and Jared, quickly untied them and shouted, "RUN"  The first man quickly recovered and shot the second man, Jason saw this out of the corner of his eye as he ran out of the building.  The first masked man started running after them as the second lay on the floor....bleeding.

Instalment 6

"JARED!?  Long time no see."  Jason said.
"Am I missing something.  Who are you?" asked Mitch.
"I'm a friend of Mr. Whittiker's." Jared replied, "and I've got some urgent news for you.  The Whisperer is not working solo.  He has a boss.  I'm an undercover agent for the FBI, just like you, Mitch.  I've been working to figure out who the Whisperer is working for.  Just 2 days ago the FBI found clues that pointed to me working for the Whisperer.  The Whisperer must have planted those clues.  Now the FBI is after me.  But I've got good news.  I caught one of the Whisperer's henchmen."
"Where is he?" asked Jason.
Jared pointed across the street to an abandoned building.
"Right there.  It's where I've been hiding for the last 2 days.  I was hoping you'd come and question him.  Follow me."
They started walking.  Then, all of a sudden came a loud SCREEEEEEECH.  There was a swerve of tires and a black van came to a stop right in front of them.  The van was followed by another 5 black vans coming up from behind.
"GUYS, RUN!" Jason shouted.
But they couldn't.  They were now sealed of in all directions.  Then people started getting out of the vans.  They threw what looked like a grenade right in front of Jared.  Then, nobody could see.  Jason, Mitch, and Jared all fell to the pavement.

Instalment 5

"So that's pretty much how it all happened"  Jason had just finished telling Officer Freddy about the Whisperer blowing up his dad's shop, going to jail, and returning.
"Well, thank you for telling me the story.  I've got to go now." Freddy said.
"See you," Jason said, "Waiter, could you please bring the cheque."
The waiter walked over with the cheque.  The was an envelope attached that read "Jason".  Jason picked up the envelope, signed the cheque, and walked out of the building.
"What's in that envelope?" Mitch asked.
"I don't know.  Lets find out." Jason ripped open the envelope.  There was a letter inside that read:

Dear Jason Whittaker and Robert Mitchell,

     I am a friend of your father.  I have urgent news about the Whisperer and much more.

Meet me in the middle of Gower's Field at 11:00 PM tonight.  Bring no one with you.

A friend

"That's a pretty suspicious letter."
"I know." Jason replied.
"Are we going to go?" Mitch asked.
"Of course."
"But it's probably a trap."
"Which makes it all the more fun." Jason said.

5 hours later:

"Okay, we're here.  But nobody else is."
"Just be patient" Jason told Mitch.
Then all of a sudden a hand reached out and cupped around both Jason and Mitch's mouths.  Jason kicked his attacker in the knee and broke free.
"Who are you!?"  Jason shouted.
"I'm agent 3XQ, but all my friends call me..............Jared"

Note:  The next JaM will not be out for 2 weeks.

Instalment 4

Jason and Mitch-tied up to a chair, in an abandoned warehouse with a bomb going off.  What could get worse.  Mitch started shaking his left wrist furiously.
"What are you doing?" Jason asked.
Then the glass on Mitch's watch popped off.  The minute hand raised and Mitch started cutting at the ropes with it.
"Fancy gadget you got there.  I've got to get one of those." Jason said.
After Mitch got untied, he untied Jason.
"Let's go!" Mitch shouted.
About 5 seconds after they got out of the warehouse the bomb went off.
Debris fell all over the place.  Broken glass and bricks were scattered on the road.  A few minutes later the sound of police cars filled the air.  The police arrived.
A tall police man got out of his car.
"You're here.  Good." Jason said.
"Hi, I'm officer Freddie Jay.  Can you tell me what happened here?"
"Ummm...it's kind of a long story," Mitch told the officer.  "There's a little diner about 5 minutes from here.  Jason, come along.  Let's tell Freddie about the return of the Whisperer.

Instalment 3

All of a sudden at least 10 henchmen came out of various places in the warehouse.  "You're outnumbered.  Hand over your guns," the Whisperer hissed.  They put down their guns and the henchmen tied them up."Now tell me where Applesauce is."
"It's in the computer.  The same one that was destroyed." Jason replied angrily.
"But there has to be a backup copy somewhere!  I'll find it with or without your help, Jason."
"Fine then, Squirt.  I choose not to help."
"Then I'll get help from your father.  You and your friends are now useless."
Then the Whisperer pulled out a remote and pressed a button on it.  Then he tossed the remote on the ground.
"What is that?" Mitch asked.
"A bomb," The whisperer chuckled. "Goodbye."
And with that the Whisperer left the warehouse.
"Who was that guy?" Mitch asked.
"An old friend."Jason replied.
"How are we ever going to get untied?" Bourland asked.
"I don't know, but we better get untied soon"
The bomb ticked away.




Time was running out.

Instalment 2

Mitch watched in horror as their boat sank and the criminal got away.  "We can still try to catch them" Mitch said. "No.  We need to try and make it to land." Bourland said.  He turned the boat around and steered it back to land while Mitch and Jason bailed out as much water as they could.  They made it back to land and got off the boat.  "I know where they're headed," Mitch exclaimed. "When I snuck into their base I heard them talking about where they were going."  "Well, lets go." Bourland said.  Mitch drove them to a warehouse on the other side of town.  There was a black van in front of the warehouse.  "Get your guns ready." Jason said.  Then they barged in. "FBI! Put your hands up" Bourland shouted.  There was only one person in the warehouse - the criminal.  He put his hands up right away.  As Jason went closer he thought he recognized the criminal.  "Maurice?  Maurice, is that you?" Jason asked.  "Yes it is." Maurice said with a smile.  Then all of a sudden another familiar voice filled the warehouse.  "You tricked me Jason, but I will get my revenge today.  HA HA HA HA HA*cough cough* he he ha!"  It was The Whisperer.

Instalment 1

Robert Mitchell could hardly move.  In fact, he could hardly breath.  He was tied up in the trunk of a car.  He had followed a criminal and his henchmen to their secret base - a warehouse.  Then things had gone wrong.  They saw Mitch, tied him up, locked him in the trunk, and started driving to who knows where.  Mitch still couldn't move.  He thought he'd pass out.  Then all of a sudden he heard three gun shots.  The car swerved and Mitch bumped into the back of the trunk.  Then the car stopped.  Silence.  Finally the trunk opened and standing over him were Jason and Agent Bourland.  "Untie him" Bourland shouted then started running after the criminal and his henchmen.  As soon as Mitch was untied, he and Jason started running after them too.  The criminal was headed for the boat dock.  They reached the boat dock, but they were too late.  The criminal had already stolen a boat and sped off down the lake.  Bourland rented a boat as fast as he could and Mitch, Jason, and Bourland sped off after the criminal.  "Were not gonna be able to catch them" Jason said.  "We can try," Mitch said. "Were gaining on them."  They soon caught up to the boat.  "Put your hands up!  You're under arrest" Bourland shouted.  The criminal took out a gun and shot their boat.  "Stop that!" Bourland  screamed.  "You really think they'll listen to you?" Mitch said.  Bourland took out his gun and shot the criminal's boat.  Then Jason noticed something---The boat was sinking (not the criminal's boat, Jason, Mitch, and Bourland's just in case you got mixed up)  To be continued...


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