U.S.S. Response

      Hey everybody, this is my new page.  In case you didn't know, U.S.S. stands for Unofficial Soda Shop so this is the Unofficial Soda Shop Response.  You may have noticed a page like this on Just Another AIO Blog by Alex Jefferson.  He allowed me to put it on my blog too.  We will both be writing our opinions on different things going on on the Soda Shop Message Boards.  So here goes.

Andromenda: The Return

"It's over... for now." The Chairman.
Will they be back? Will they return to Odyssey? What new plans are in store? Will Mr. Charles come back? The time may be approaching. At any moment. Do you have a guess? Or a wild idea you wish Odyssey would write to bring Andromeda and Novacom back? ... Will they return? They aren't defeated. They are only waiting. Will they act? The Chairman is still alive. We do not know who he. He is free. He is waiting. He may be ready.

Communication Specialist Wooton bassett reporting:

I don't think Andromeda will ever return, but there are some pretty good theories.  CreativeThinker101 thinks that Wooton is the chairman.  Other AIO fans are starting an angry mob because they do not like that idea.  If you have a theory about andromeda returning then head over to the Soda Shop.

Should I make one - HannahJ.

I'm trying to decide if I should get a AIO Fan Site. Should I get a Blog or Should there be a Blog and Site in one.. If you have any suggsetions Please let me know! Is there a Easy and Free website program out there? Thank You!

Communication Specialist Wooton Bassett reporting:

WOW!  2012 has been a busy year for AIO Blogs.  First mine, then Just Another AIO Blog, then Twists and Turns, then Down Odyssey Lane, now HannahJ. is making one.  I really like HannahJ.'s blog Me4theKing and I am so glad she is making an AIO one.  She doesn't know when she will make it.  She said "in maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe a year."  Also, HannahJ. is interviewing Kimmy Robertson on her Me4theKing blog so keep checking her blog for that.

Jay: Good Guy or Bad Guy - by Pound Foolish

      Jay Smouse is winning MANY fans. He even brought Whit Hurtford an Avery Award. But is he a good-guy character or the new Rodney? Is he an in-between? Will he grow kinder as the series progresses? SHOULD he grow kinder? Is Jay a bad influence, as he is immoral yet portrayed as amusing and likable? Will the other characters continue to loath him, or warm up to him? Is he as funny as Rodney was? Jay, for better or worse, is here as the new Odyssey scapegoat: does he deserve the title? Let's talk it up!

      Communication Specialist Wooton Bassett reporting:

      At first I thought that Jay was brought into the show to replace Rodney, but then I heard Vance.  I think Vance is even worse than Rodney.  Jay is much nicer than Rodney and many fans think that Jay might be un-becoming a bully.  I do think that there should be a bully in the show.  Vance is a bully, but he is plain mean.  We need Rodney back in the show.  My opinion for Jay - Good guy.  He started off as a bully, but then we saw his good side in Mistaken for Good.  We can all hope that Jay becomes nicer as the show progresses. 

Album 57 and Beyond - The Classified Files - by CreativeThinker101

Album 57 spoilers are - not here!  But that doesn't mean we can't speculate. Give an idea for one of the twelve episodes (you can give an idea for the first part of an episode and someone else can give the second part) and once we get twelve episodes, we'll move into 58! We'll have a whole album! Just short descriptions, and you can only give a description for one episode. This will be The Classified Files, showing descriptions of possible future episodes. Here's the first idea:

Episode 727: When Friends Become Enemies:

When Camilla Parker gets angry at one of her friends, she realizes how cruel friends can be. Meanwhile, Connie and Eugene's playful banter turns into something worse.

Communication Specialist Wooton Bassett reporting:

Wow!  There have been lots of neat episode ideas in this topic.  Some of the people on Soda Shop have even better ideas then the AIO writers!  This is also a very smart topic to think of.  I love thinking of new AIO episode ideas and I LOVE to hear other peoples.  Right now it is a very small topic, but I hope it turns into pages of creative ideas.


  1. Cool! I like the page! And it's cool that you mentioned one of my topics. That's one of the reasons I started the U.S.S. Response on Just Another AIO Blog, so I could acknowledge all the great SS users! I think this new feature could turn out great, especially since we're both doing it.