Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Interview with Katie Leigh

Hey guys.  Here's an interview with Katie Leigh the voice of Connie.

1: What is your least favourite part of recording? 
It is never doing AIO.  We're just dying to get back into the studio. 

2: What is your favourite album?
 I like them all a lot.

3: What's it like working with Will Ryan, Jess Harnell, and Andre Stojka?
 They are my best buddies, esp Will and Jess.. because I've known them longer

  4: Who is your favourite character (other than Connie) on AIO?
 Probably, Jay right now 

 5: What are some of the difficulties of voice acting?  Do you find it hard?
 I think it's just fun period. 

 6: Do your children enjoy hearing you on AIO?
 They used to, maybe when they are older they will miss it and me and want to hear it again.

 7: What is your favourite episode from after the hiatus?
Umm..we just recorded it and you haven't heard it yet.

8: How was it like having Mitch return?  Did you know Mitch was returning or did you find out
 when you read the script?
 I found out when I got to the studio!

I hope you enjoyed my interview with Katie Leigh!