Monday, 30 July 2012

The Campbell County MB Conspiracy

Just a few nights ago Jason took over the Campbell County Message Boards.  He demoted everyone from their admin or mod status (even Bren) and only promoted EPPD.  Jason states he will make the CC "a better place".  Nobody knows how he got this admin status, but know he is getting revenge.  I'll keep you posted.  Jason's changed the whole board.  The color and the logo. He even has evil smiley faces all over the place.  And he has banned brownies.  We must fight back for our message board.  FIGHT BACK!!  this is not a joke.  Jason has seriously taken over the CC MB.  Here is the new logo:

Jason, if you are reading this then stop this treachery.  Give the message board back.  You will be stopped.  I thought you liked AIO.  A real AIO lover would never do anything as evil as this.  So Jason, I mean it STOP

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