Thursday, 23 May 2013

Jason and Mitch Contest

Well, it's been a while since the contest started and I got........*drumroll*.........1 WHOLE ENTRY!  *clapping* *clapping* *clapping*.  I confess, I'm a little sad, I was thinking I'd get more entries, but I didn't, so the latest instalment of Jason and Mitch: Secret Agents has been written by Capeng from the Soda Shop.  *clapping*


  1. Woah. o: I would have entered maybe, if I was around the "AIO world" in this time, if my parents woulda said it was okay. :)


  2. Hi, Wooton. I picking a blog to visit from The Imagination Station over at The Old Judge's place. And when I saw your blog I thought, "Gee, I but it's been long, lonnnng dead by now." And e'yep, sure enough. ;)