Thursday, 12 July 2012

Adventures in Connelsville preview

Hello everyone.  Alex Jefferson has given me an exclusive preview of his next AIC instalment.  Enjoy!

“Nick?” Maxwell said, bewildered that his friend was wearing a hockey mask and disguising his voice.
“Nick who?” Nick asked.
“Never mind,” Maxwell retorted with a smirk.
“Who are you?” interjected Mugshot.
“Oh, I’m just here for the kid. Catch ya’ later!” Nick forgot to disguise his voice when he said this, so The Brothers knew he was one of their sworn enemies.
“Hey, hey Mulligan!” shouted Bobby with a British accent. “Come back here!”
But it was too late. Maxwell and Nick were already well on their way. Maxwell checked his watch again. 4:32. They would be late.
“Maxwell, let’s go! We’re gonna be late! Tony’s probably waiting. You got your maracas?”
“Yeah. You got your tambourine?”
“Yeah. Have you ever noticed that Tony’s the only one with a legitimate band instrument?”
“Yeah,” Maxwell said with a chuckle.
But before they could go any further, because, standing in front of them, in the alley, was Detective Don Polehouse, looking as if he had stumbled upon Jesse James after he committed a robbery. 


  1. Thanks for posting it, Wooton! I can't wait to see what happens! (Well, considering I have the rest of it, I guess I can!)