Thursday, 19 July 2012

Interview with Jesse Florea

I hate to post an interview a day after I posted my last one, but I couldn't wait to get this posted.  Here's my interview with Jesse Florea.

1: What's it like working for AIO?

Clubhouse magazine and Adventures in Odyssey are the two longest running children’s programs here at Focus on the Family. Both are celebrating 25 years of ministry this year. I’ve been the editor of Clubhouse magazine for the last 16 years and worked directly with Odyssey on the podcast for five. Before that, I always edited Adventures in Odyssey stories for Clubhouse, because Clubhouse is the official magazine of Adventures in Odyssey. All that to say, I love working with Odyssey. The staff is so creative, funny and talented. And they all have a heart for kids to better understand what it means to live for God.

2: What's it like having your own podcast?

The podcast is really a team. There’s no way it could ever be done without the genius and hard work of Nathan Hoobler. He’s really the creative force behind the podcast, and I just do sort of what I’m told.

3: What's your favourite episode?

Podcast? It’d probably be one of our first video podcasts where we chased Brock all over Focus on the Family.
AIO episode? I love the Green Ring Conspiracy. OK, I know that’s a lot more than one episode. But those were the first episodes that I saw recorded live in Hollywood, California. It was so cool to meet the actors, do some interviews and see the behind-the-scenes workings of how the show is recorded.

4: If you could write an AIO episode, what would it be about?

I’m not a great fiction or dialogue writer, but I do love history. So I’d probably write a historical story. Maybe something from World War II. I’m also really into Hawaii. So maybe the characters could go to Hawaii (like the Barclays did way back in the beginning of Odyssey—that was a funny episode!). Maybe Eugene and Katrina could go whale watching. It’d be cool for Emily and Matthew to solve a mystery at the volcano.

5: What's it like working with Bob and Brock?

Bob’s amazing. I real pro. We’d been friends before, but have grown even closer as podcast co-hosts. We’ve even written a devotional book together for fathers and daughters that comes out in Sept. 2012. Brock has more energy than anybody on the planet. I can’t keep up with him. He loves Odyssey fans and always wants to give them stuff.

6: Do you have any top secret info about Album 56 that you would like to share?

You’ll have to ask Brock about that. He’s the one who always has the top-secret information. I just know it’s going to be a great album.

7: What is your favourite thing about working with AIO.

Seeing how creative everybody is and how committed they are to share God’s truth around the world.

8: Do you have any advice on podcasting?

We have a huge advantage, because our fans are awesome and we’ve had relationships with some of the actors for 25 years. I make a good podcast you have to have interesting people—and there are tons of those around Adventures in Odyssey.

9: Do you enjoy reading fan blogs?

I don’t get to read them as much as I’d like. My main job at Focus on the Family is as editor of our two children’s magazines: Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. We also have websites for the magazines and Facebook pages. So that and the Adventures in Odyssey podcast takes up most of my time. But whenever, I get the chance to read a blog or talk with another AIO podcast creator, I’m amazed at the passion and knowledge they bring. It’s so cool to be part of the Odyssey family!

I hope you enjoyed my interview with Jesse Florea!

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