Thursday, 28 June 2012

And The Winner is.....

First of all, I'm sorry for not posting much for the last couple of days.  About 4 or 5 people have been emailing me asking me when my next post will be.  (I didn't even know my blog was that popular).  Anyway, the reason I haven't been posting is because there hasn't been any news and Paul McCusker hasn't emailed me back yet, but last night the Summer 2012 Avery Awards came out so I am going to post the winners, what I picked, and my notes.  Here we go:

Best Actor

The nominees:
John Curry as Alvin York in Sergeant York 1-4
Townsend Coleman as Jason in The Labyrinth 1-3
Phil Loller as Dale in The Labyrinth 1-3
Whit Hertford as Jay Smouse in Mistaken for Good
Will Ryan as Eugene in Child's Play

And the winner is......Townsend Coleman as Jason

My comments:
When I was voting on the Averys I picked Jason too.  I'm so glad he came back and I can't wait to hear from him again in Album 56.  In The Labyrinth, Townsend did a spectacular job voicing Jason.

Best Actress

The nominees:
Georgia Dolenz as Sue in the Labyrinth 1-3
Renee Dorian as Miss Gracie in Sergeant York 1-4
Katie Leigh as Connie in Something Old, Something New 1-2
Audrey Wasilewski in To Mend or Repair
Linda Porter as Helen in Mistaken for Good

And the winner is......Georgia Dolenz as Sue

My comments:
I picked Sue too.  I hope to hear from Sue in the future.  Maybe someone in Odyssey could adopt her.  I just love to hear British accents.

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Kid: I sure do miss the old Whit's End.  Ever since Connie and Mitch left to live in Cazerbajanistan things just haven't been the same.

Other Kid: Ya.  If only there was a young woman to ask meaningful questions and cheer this place up.

Kid: Who still knew what it feels like to be a kid.

Other Kid: And who had experience being a kid because she was a teenager for like...30 years.

Kid *sigh* But there's no one at Whit's End like that anymore.


Okay, we're back.

Best Minor Character

The nominees:
Joy and Kyle in Child's Play
Red Hollard in Sergeant York
Jacques Henri in Something Old, Something New
Mrs. Kramer in To Mend or Repair
Mycroft Thugg in The Labyrinth 1-3

And the winner is......Mycroft Thugg in The Labyrinth 1-3

My comments:
I had picked Joy and Kyle. They were really cute and I hope they come back, but now that I think of it I wish I had picked Mycroft.  He was hilarious.

Best Sound Design

The nominees:
Every episode in the album

And the winner is......Sergeant York 1-4

My comments:
It was pretty obvious that these episodes were going to win.  The sound quality in Sergeant York is superb.  If you would like to here an interview with the sound designers then go to

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Welcome to 60 seconds, I'm Sheyenne Sonjer.  Today we are taking an in-depth look at the life of a super spy's family.

*phone ring*

Connie: Hello

Mitch: Hi honey.

Connie: Why are you calling?  Aren't you upstairs?

Mitch: Yes, but I have a busy day.  I have a meeting with MI-6 this morning, then I have to infiltrate a terrorist cell this afternoon.  Would you mind making me a sandwich to go.

*Music cuts to next scene*

Constance: Mom, make Mitch Jr. stop boobytrapping my dollhouse!  Miss Pretty needs to get inside so she can deliver a secret package to end the hostage crisis.

*Music cuts to next scene*

Mitch Jr.: Hey dad, when I was emptying my pockets I found the pen-shaped micro detonator you gave me.  I thought it would make a great toy for the baby to play with.  What do you think?

*Music cuts back to Sheyenne Sonjer*

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I'm back.

Best Line

The nominees:
100 things I hate.  By Mrs. Kramer
Jay Smouse's morning announcements
Mycroft Thugg's explanation of his name
Red Hollard's description of Sergeant York
Joy's questions

The winner is......100 things I hate by Mrs. Kramer.

My comments:
These were all good lines.  I had picked Joy's questions, though.

Best Villain

The nominees:
Vance in Mistaken for Good
Jay in Mistaken for Good
Mr. Grote in The Labyrinth 1-3
Reggie Fingers in The Labyrinth 1-3
Maureen in Something Old, Something New

And the winner is......Mr. Grote in The Labyrinth.

My comments:
Exactly what I picked.  Mr. Grote may not be better than Dr. Blackgaard, but he was definitely the best villain in this album.

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Mitch (through a walkie-talkie): Target sighted.  Operation nap time is a go.

Connie: Mitch, honey, couldn't you just put little Constance to bed the normal way?

Mitch (through a walkie-talkie): Roger that.

*Music cuts to next scene*

*phone ringing*

Connie: Hello.

Mitch: Hey.  I just called to tell you that I love you and I'm almost home.

Connie: Oh.  Well thanks, dearest.

Mitch: Uh oh.  Abrams tank just pulled into the cul-de-sac.  You might want to brace yourself.

Connie: What?


Connie: Mitch, what now?

Mitch: Sorry.  These guys followed me home after work.  They don't exactly quit coming after me just because I punched out my time card.

Connie: Well handle them like you usually do.  Can you go by the school and pick up Mitch Jr. from soccer practice?

Mitch: On my way now.  Okay, fire in the hole.

Connie:  WAAAAAAAA!!


Mitch: You alright?

Connie: Never better.  Don't forget to grab diapers on the way home, dear.

Mitch: Will do.

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I'm back (again).
Here is the last Avery Award.

Best Overall Episode

And the winner is.......The Labyrinth 1-3

My comments:
I picked the Labyrinth.  After I listened to the Labyrinth it became my favourite AIO episode ever.  I'm so glad it won.

That's all for now.  If you would like to see my review for album 55 then read it here:


  1. Umm... The Labyrinth won Best Episode. Did you listen to the podcast?

    1. Sorry about that. I changed it.

    2. It's fine. Did you memorize the C & M skits? My mouth dropped open when I saw them written out word for word.

  2. Wow I can't believe you typed the C & M shorts word for word. Great Post.