Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Interview with Noah from the Boredom Buster Podcast

I emailed Noah from the Boredom Buster Podcast recently and he has gotten back to me.   I have my question, Noah's answer, than my comments on his answer.  Here is the interview.  Enjoy!

1. What is your favourite AIO episode (Hallie's too)?  

Noah's Answer:

Well for me I think part of loving an episode is not only how the episode was, but also what I was doing while I was listening to that particular episode. So with that statement, If I was listening to a great episode then something bad happened ( like something tragic in my family ) while I was listening to that great episode. I might hate that episode cause It brings a lot of bad memories, the same thing goes for good memories. So I have a hard time picking my favorite episode, so I will name a few. The Spy Who Bugged Me, The Imagination Station Part 1 & 2, Life Trials of the Rich and Famous, and The Mailman Cometh. Just to name a few ( which means there is a lot more, these are the only ones that come to mind right now ).

Haillie's Answer:

Mine would have to be Thanksgiving at Home, and Two Sides to Every Story.

My comments:

Noah and Hallie, those are great episodes and that is a great description on how to figure out what your favourite episode is.

  2. What's it like having a podcast?  Is it hard?
Well I'm a huge AIO fan, and I really didn't have anyone to talk or share my opinions about AIO with( hailllie wasn't a huge AIO fan back then). So now with BBP I can finally share my opinion with other AIO fans. Sure making a podcast is hard, but It's all worth it in the end. Now the question is What's it like having a podcast. It's awesome, and a lot of hard work. But like I said in the beginning, It's worth it.  

My comments:

Making an AIO podcast is something I've always wanted to do too and I might, but if I do it won't be out for a while.

3. Do your podcast episodes have a certain schedule or do you just post them whenever?
We do have a schedule for recording, but sadly I really don't have one for posting. It's mostly posted whenever I finish editing and putting it all together.

4.  How many episodes will one season have.
I have no clue. Maybe when the year is up.

5. Who is your favorite character (Hallie's too)?

Noah's Answer 
I would have to say Eugene Meltsner for my favorite adult character. Then my favorite kid character would be Dwayne. Then my favorite new kid character would be Olivia Parker, then Jay. 

Haillie's Answer 
Whit of course! Jimmy and Jared for my favorite kid characters.

Those are some of my favourite characters too except for Olivia.  I also like Matthew.

6. What's the most challenging part about having a podcast and the most easy part?
Well for me editing. It's time consuming and not fun at all. The worst part about editing is that if you spent like two hours editing a episode, then suddenly the editing program shuts down. It's a nightmare! Cause you lose every thing you've been working on for like 2 hours! The best part is writing a review for the episode then recording.

My comments:

Y'now what you should do to make editing more fun?  Make everything that Hallie says really high pitched.  (Just joking)

That's all for now everybody.  Keep posted because I recently email interviewed Paul McCusker and he said that he would be getting back to me this week.  Bye.

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