Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Album Review: Album 1

Today we are reviewing Album 1: The Adventure Begins.    This is the first Odyssey album ever (unless you count Family Portraits).  It is a very good album.  Not one of my favourites, but it was good.  Instead of just telling you my review for the album I am going to go over all of the episodes and review them.  Then at the end I will give an overall review.

Episode 1: Whit's Flop
Rating: 6/10
This episode I found to be kinda boring (so that means you'll probably find my review boring).  It was an okay episode, but I just didn't like it.  I liked the end when Davey made pizza and everyone started treating him nicer.

Episode 2-3: A Member of the Family Parts 1-2
Rating: 8/10
Now these episodes were good.  We got to hear from Whit's family.  Monty was in this episode!!!  He rocks.  It was nice to hear from him.  I also really like the part where Wit explains responsibility to him.  These are probably the best episodes in the album.

Episode 4: The Life of the Party
Rating: 6/10
Another one that I didn't like that much.  Not much to say about it.

Episode 5: Connie Comes to Town
Rating: 8/10
This episode was great!  It introduced Connie Kendall (My 6th favourite character).  Although I'd have to admit I like Connie better when she became a Christian.  This episode was another of the best in the album.

Episode 6: Recollections
Rating: 9/10
This episode was just amazing. We heard the story of Whit's End and how Jenny tried to save it right before she died.  This was definitely the best episode in the album.  Whit was kinda a grump in this episode.  You can see in later episodes how much Whit's End changed him.

Episode 7: Gifts for Madge and Guy
Rating: 5/10
This episode was horrible.  I think it was way too silly.  They took a classic Christmas tale and just made it all weird.  this was the worst episode in the album.

Episode 8: The Day after Christmas
Rating: 8/10
This was a pretty good episode.  It should be made into a christmas movie.  It shows the true meaning of Christmas.  It also shows that you don't need money to be happy.  This episode was just great.

Episode 9: Promises, Promises
Rating: 7/10
I don't know really what to say about this episode except is was really good.

Episode 10: Nothing to Fear
Rating: 4/10
This was a good episode about overcoming your fears.  There was only one thing that I didn't like in this episode.  The odyssey team made whats-her-name (the girl who is always scared of stuff.  Was it Shurley?) scared of way to many things.  I think they just overdid it a bit (or a lot).

Episode 11: Tangled Web
Rating: 9/10
This was a good episode.  It wasn't to funny or wacky or anything.  It was just a nice story about not telling lies.  (Whit is a very good storyteller!)

Episode 12: A Change of Hart
Rating: 6/10
Another one that they kinda overdid a bit.  It is a little hard to tell you why I didn't like it so you would have to listen to the episode yourself.  Nothing else to really say about this episode.

Overall album rating: 6/10

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  1. Nice review. I think I like you reviewing the individual episodes more that you just reviewing the album as a whole. You should do this style of reviewing for all of the albums!