Thursday, 2 August 2012

Album 56 out for download

Album 56 is available for download. ... vent=ESRCG

The names of the episodes are

The Perfect Church I

The Perfect Church II

Great Expectations

For Three Dollars More

The Bible Network

Happy Hunting

The Holy Hoopster

The Lost Riddle

Groundhog Jay

Home Again I

Home Again II

Push the Red Button


  1. Cool! Sounds like nice Episodes!

  2. I have heard Happy Hunting, Groundhog Jay, and Push the Red Button. (Yes, I couldn't wait to hear Groundhog Jay, so I only downloaded it.) Quite frankly, I don't think it will live up to the awesome Album 55, but from the three episodes I've heard, it's already better than 51 or 52. I heard that the two two-parters in the album are spectacular, so I can't wait to hear those. Happy Hunting was a nice humorous episode that had Jacques Henri, so it's automatically pretty good. But I felt like that whole episode was just a little repitive of episodes like Happy Smilers and Count It All Joy, so I was left with a bad sense of Deja Vou. Push the Red Button, honestly, seemed reeeaaaly out of place. I haven't heard the shortened album version, but I went to the live show, and I can't see how it will fit into the Odyssey canon. Groundhog Jay had such a hilarious concept that I had too great of expectations for it, and I was disappointed. You may think from this review of sorts for the episodes I've heard that I hate the album so far, but I think I heard possibly the three worst episodes in the album. I can't wait to hear the rest when they air, even if it's not going to be the best AIO album ever.

  3. Have you seen the summaries yet? They really made me even more excited for album 56. Personally, I can't wait for Home Again, but the others sound great too.

    1. I can't wait for Home Again either. Finally Jason is gonna RELAX!!