Thursday, 16 August 2012

Adventures in Connelsville instalment 7 preview

Here  is a preview of instalment 7 of Alex Jefferson's AIC:

Over the next couple of weeks, Maxwell spent a lot of time with Cameron Brooks, Brian Brooks, and, of course, Ed Washington. He grew to love Cameron as his own little brother, and Brian seemed to trust him more as well. He even told him about a phone call he made to his brother Hank. Ed Washington continued to counsel Maxwell on everything from The Brothers to Christianity to girls. He seemed to know a lot, and he could relate to kids like no adult Maxwell had ever met. He even acted like a kid himself sometimes. 
Maxwell also spent more and more time at Whit’s End Connellsville and the Mulligan’s house than his own house, where he only had a hermit of a grandfather. One day, Maxwell was at band practice with Tony and Nick, discussing their band and other things.
“How are we supposed to get a gig?” asked Tony. For the past 10 minutes, the band had been discussing gig options.
“You know, Ed Washington’s son Marvin had a garage band that I heard about a while back,” said Nick. “He got a gig at a birthday party.”
“Do you know anyone who’s having a birthday?” asked Maxwell.
“Well, me,” Nick replied. “In just a couple of weeks, I’ll be 17! We could have a special concert in honor of me, Nick Mulligan, the hero of Connellsville. We could invite like - all of Connellsville. I’m sure the mindless city folk would come out to celebrate the most masculine teenager in town’s birthday, wouldn’t they?”
Maxwell stared at Nick blankly, while Tony coughed sarcastically.


  1. Wow, that looks great! i can't wait to see what happens! LOL

    Thanks for putting it up, Wooton! You guys are in for a wild ride after this installment!

  2. Awesome job, Wooton! I love how you put up these sneak previews. Also, congratulations on your fiftieth post!