Friday, 17 May 2013

The Adventures in Odyssey Blogcast Review

The Adventures in Odyssey Blogcast is an amazing podcast.  Austin, and his sister, Natasha have been hosting the podcast for over 3 years!  And almost 50 episodes!  When their 45th episode came out, many fans were very sad.  It was their very last episode.  They made it about 3 and a half hours long.  They did album reviews, interviews, and even a mini radio drama called Skye Weldon and the Crazy Cactus Caper.  Anyway, their show had a good run over the last 3 years.  Let's get to the review now.  Their show is unique.  That's a fact.  Most of their episodes would do AIO episode reviews and album reviews.  I really liked how both of them would give a rating of the episode at the end.  It's funny to hear them argue over whether the episode was good or not.  In some podcasts they did interviews with actors, producers, and even other fan podcasts.  I'd have to say that they're podcast is one of my favourite AIO podcasts ever.  The only con of the podcast is......wellllll.............Austin's never-stopping rambling.  HA HA!

The sound quality of their podcast:  10/10

The interviews: 9/10

The episode reviews: 9/10

 The mini audio dramas: 8/10

The last episode: 10/10

The overall awesomeness: 9.5/10

I congratulate you on the long run of your podcast Austin and Natasha, and thanks for being one of the best AIO podcasts ever.

If anybody wants to check out the AIO Blog and listen to their podcast, here is the link:

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