Monday, 4 March 2013

Jason and Mitch: Secret Agents: THE CONTEST!

At the end of instalment 8 of Jason and Mitch: SA, Jason, Mitch, Monty, and Jared begin planning to pull of the ultimate scheme.  Monty is going pretend that Jason, Mitch, and Jared are his prisoners, then he is going to turn them over to the Whisperer.  Why would they pull of a crazy stunt like this, you ask?  Well, while they are captured by the Whisperer they are going to find a way to infiltrate the most secret part of his base, steal his files, arrest him, then escape.  And you......yes you.....are going to help Jason and Mitch and Jared pull this off.  How?  Weeeeelllll.........

Write an exciting conclusion to instalment 8.  All ages can participate.  Send your finished instalment to either.....
A. My email:
B. Private Message me on the Soda Shop Message Boards (
C.  I prefer you use A or B, but if you must you can post your instalment as a blog comment.

I doubt I will receive many entries.  Once I have received some entries I will open a poll both on the Soda Shop and here on my blog and people can vote for which instalment they think is best.  The winner's instalment shall be featured on my Jason and Mitch page and 2nd and 3rd places will be posted on my main blog page.

This contest starts..........NOW!

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