Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Why did Mitch come back?

Many people are wondering why Odyssey brought Mitch back.  Kathy Buchanan said she wouldn't bring back Mitch unless cats became extinct and Ronald McDonald became a vegetarian.  I opened a topic about this on the Odyssey Scoop Soda Shop Message Boards.  I got some pretty interesting ideas.  Finally, Kathy Buchanan told everyone why she brought Mitch on the May 30th Official AIO Podcast.  The reason Kathy Buchanan brought Mitch back is to answer once and for all that Connie would not be marrying Mitch.  Many people bought that it was still a possibility for them to get married if Mitch ever did come back.  So Kathy Buchanan brought him back to answer that question.  Connie and Mitch will never marry.  *sniff*

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